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About us

Golden Way Events was started by John and Michelle Salgado in an effort to raise funds for their son's school. Since then, they have helped raise funds for other private organizations and private individuals with their fundraising events.

Golden Way Events is a private company based in Miami specializing in the purchase of precious metals such as gold and silver items. Most customers are not aware that items in a jewelry box (broken, outdated or simply no longer used) have a significant cash value, especially at today's gold prices.

John and Michelle's commitment to providing a personal and professional service includes informing others of their untapped funds sitting in their drawers in the form of precious metals. These items can be sold for cash and used to pay bills, finish home improvements, or go on vacation.

Contact us today


Michelle Ardois-Salgado: (305) 302-8070

John Salgado:                   (305) 409-4483 

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