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 Gold Parties

 Everyone Loves A Gold Party!

 Inviting friends and family has never been more rewarding as when you invite   them to a gold party. 

 By attending a gold party, your guests will have the opportunity to share time   with family and friends. They will also be adding extra money in their pockets   from the sale of jewelry that may have been sitting in a jewelry box for some   time.

 As the hostess, you will earn 10% of all the proceeds.

 Here's How It Works:

 1. Call us today and pick a date for your home event.

 2. On the day of your event, our team will individually test and weigh each of the   jewelry items your guests bring and we will calculate their value (based on karat,   weight and that day's market price). Your family and friends will then be paid in   cash for the items they sell.

 3. At the end of your home event, you will have earned 10% of all the proceeds.   It is that simple and it's fun!

 We invite you to call us today for more information or to schedule your next gold   party with us.

 Michelle Ardois-Salgado

 (305) 302-8070

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